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    Downtown Brampton Homes

    In the middle of Downtown Brampton and Mississauga, Brampton East is one of the oldest planned communities in Brampton. Home to Peel Village, Brampton East includes the residential area surrounding Steeles Avenue South and Kennedy road up until Clarence street. When peel village was first built, the population of Brampton was less than 25,000, making it one of the oldest Brampton communities. Interesting fact, it was the first subdivision in Brampton to have all utility cables buried underground! Brampton East consists primarily of detached homes, some over 50 years old, however still well maintained. There are many new builds on older lots as well. Brampton East is home to Peel Village Park, Kiwanis Memorial Park and Meadowland Park. These residences get access to three beautiful parks.

    Brampton East has many recreational centers for the residents to take advantage of. The Ken Giles Recreation centre is a perfect spot for young gymnastics. This recreation center is home to the Brampton Flower City Gymnastics team, which offers amazing classes for young children. Click here for more information on what they offer. The Brampton Men’s Horse Shoe club is also located in Brampton East. This club is a great place for any elder in the home!

    Brampton East backs right onto the Peel Region Golf course, not only providing an amazing place to golf but a nice place to stroll around. It is a small but very well-maintained place to gold for both beginners and experts. More info here: http://www.brampton.ca/en/residents/Community-Centres/Peel-Village/Pages/welcome.aspx

    Brampton East Homes