As the schools motto: “The voice of the heart must be heard in all we do”, St.Bonaventure Catholic Elementary School focuses on teaching children through their faith and Christian knowledge. The school emphasizes community, and family involvement in the learning environment. St.Bonaventure works to create an atmosphere fostering mutual respect to help children grow self-esteem and self-confidence. Creating a supportive environment, the goal is to grow each student into a positive role model for other members of the community. Click here for more information. 

Grade 3 EQAO Score

St.Bonaventure Brampton Catholic School

Every year the grade 3 and 6 students participate in provincial wide standardized testing called the EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) tests. EQAO is an independent agency which was created to measure student’s achievements in Reading, Writing and Math. This is independent to Ontario schools only.  These tests are designed to be administered during key periods of the students learning (grade 3, grade 6, grade 9 and grade 10). 

The goal of standardized EQAO testing is to assess the quality of education the students are receiving in that particular school. Since all students are given the same tests across the province it creates a valid comparison amongst each other. 

The testing scores reported on the EQAO website shows the percentage of students who have performed above provincial average. For example, if the school has a math score of 75%, this means from the number students who participated in the EQAO test, 75% of those students scored above the provincial EQAO math average.

Looking at the chart above, we can see the percentage of students who have performed above the EQAO grade 3 average for St.Bonaventure Catholic School. You can see the Year-To-Year comparison in the three tested categories (reading, writing & Math). Looking at the 5-year comparison, St.Bonaventure Catholic School’s EQAO scores on average, have decreased by 6%. 

Grade 6 EQAO Score

St.Bonaventure Brampton Catholic School

Looking at St.Bonaventure Catholic School’s grade 6 EQAO scores, although have decreased by 3%, they are fairly high remaining in the 80’s for 2 of the 3 categories. St.Bonaventure Catholic School also has a Fraser Institute School ranking of 7.1 (on a scale of 10).